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Our global society is rapidly evolving. Enterprises in the agro-food sector need to adapt swiftly to differing seasons, market and price fluctuations, changing regulations and the environment.

Enterprising competencies are skills and qualities which are not necessarily part of any professional qualifications. They form a set of skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviour that are transferable and universally applicable, and are necessary for everyone to succeed, both in their professional and private lives.

Professional training should deal with these competencies through interactive training and coaching, rather than focusing exclusively on specific knowledge and practical skills. Generally, these are lectured using a one way didactic approach (trainer to trainee). It is these competencies, mastered through interactive training, that can make or break your success in the job market.

In the following chapter, we give practical based cases on the domain of “Internationalisation” to develop the know-how, skills and competences required to become an entrepreneur in the rural agro-food sector;

Presentation Formative Unit Internationalisation
Presentation Formative Unit Internationalisation
Presentation Formative Unit Internationalisation
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