Rural Agree Toolbox

Questionnaire for stakeholders

The aim of the questionnaire is to collect already existent experiences about the promotion of entrepreneurship in the field of the agri-food sector. The countries where the questionnaire is spread out are: Belgium, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain. In each of this country, stakeholders are requested to participate in the below questionnaire, in order to prepare next action about the training activities (how to support the entrepreneurship) for agrifood entrepreneurs

All questions are referred to the agri-food sector.


  1. Do you know specific programmes/national law/regional funds dedicated to push the entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector? If yes, can you list them with a brief description?
  2. Do you know any real examples of best practices in each country related to entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector?
  3. What are the main supporting actors (Chambers of Commerce, Professional Trade Unions, Municipalities, Regional/National Authority, ERDF funds, private entities) in your countries for the agrifood sector?
  4. What kind of support is possible for the agrifood sector in your country/region?
  5. Do you know if there is the possibility in your country/region to carry out activities of e-learning trainings? If yes, can you list them with a brief description?
  6. From you side, what type of support (economic, concrete, technical, knowledge, training) do you think that is more useful for the promotion and support of the entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector?
  7. What challenges SMEs and entrepreneurs in agro-food should face?
  8. Do you have any recommendation or suggestion?
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